The Type Of Yoga

Tantra/Hatha Yoga This practice is over 2500 years old un-changed

Our Lineage

The teachings offered at The Practice have been passed down from teacher to student in an unbroken thread over thousands of years. We offer 100% lineage-based teachings based on the time-honored Yogic custom of Parampara, meaning ‘from one to another’. We offer these teachings in the spirit of service – to both serve the global community and assist it in finding greater peace, steadiness and joy in life, and as a way to serve the Sages. May our whole-hearted efforts keep the light of their sublime wisdom burning bright.

So, What Exactly Is Tantra/Hatha Yoga?

The word Tantra means to weave or expand. The idea with Tantra yoga, then, is to weave together many practices, and other spiritual styles and teachings, in order to connect with others and the universe. When practiced consistently, Tantra Yoga can help you get in tune with who you are, achieve your goals, and deepen yourself relationship.

Each of these bodies has its own weaknesses and its own strengths—all of which are usually buried deep down. When we can bring them all to the surface, we can stop responding unconsciously and gain control. Through Tantra yoga, one is said to be able to ultimately reach a state of eternal bliss.

As a practice, Tantra yoga is rooted in the traditional Hatha yoga and weaves together numerous other styles including Kundalini, Bhakti, Karma, Raja and more. But Tantra yoga is also about more than just the asanas/poses/stretching? and yogic traditions. It also layers on astrology, Ayurveda and among many other techniques and mystical teachings.

When we have a still mind, the body opens and flexibility comes, not the other way round? Yoga is a practice like anything we do, don’t try to be the best at it, U are not a marathon runner after two runs, it takes time, a plan and patents, we spend most of our lives creating trauma in the mind and body, this is either the facial or the emotional body. If you don’t take this road you will age at a much quicker rate, how you live will most likely be through past events, even though we think we are not, we need to clear our subconscious mind, when you take this practice on you see that life is reverse on many fronts to how we have been programed to see it. Forcing, pushing past our limits is not what it has to be.

This practice is not a system for injuries or flexibility, flexibility will come when the mind becomes flexible. U need an able body to do this practice, no previous experience just an able body.

Moon Sun Fire

The subtle, yet potent and transformative system of ‘MOON SUN FIRE’ we devotedly teach and personally practice reflects the internal (Samaya) path of traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga, offering dedicated students a genuine means to experience direct realization of higher truths and achieve personal, professional and spiritual excellence.

These extraordinary teachings stem from the ancient lineage of the Himalayan Masters and Tantric Hatha Yogis who have kept the flames of true Sadhana burning since time immemorial. May the sublime worldview of Sri Vidya Tantra, the personal empowerment practices of MOON SUN FIRE and the message of the Himalayan masters live on through us as we open ourselves to the teachings that brighten the light of self-knowledge.

Moon Stage 1 of Hatha Yoga Practice

Medicine for the modern mind, Moon practice is a deep, challenging and nourishing Asana practice with longer holds and an emphasis on creating stability and calmness of both body and mind. Standing poses and floor work, coupled with a focus on conscious and extended exhalations are used to guide awareness inwards to touch that pure space of stillness that exists beyond the thinking mind. Moon practice is the foundation of all Tantric Hatha practices that follow. Always take the Moon with you.

Methodology: To calm, ground and stabilize.

Bhav: The mood we bring to Practice

These classes are ideal if:

01. You have a busy life or a busy mind.    02. You feel anxious or ungrounded.

Sun Stage 2 of Hatha Yoga Practice

Sun practice is about energy management and developing a deeper relationship to Prana the energy that sustains us and all of life. A more dynamic practice than Moon, the Solar path rides the line between cultivating the power we need to excel and the sensitivity we need to touch the subtler planes of reality. In addition to Asanas that open the chest and upper body and an emphasis on developing the inhalation, here we see the introduction of the deeper Tantric practices such as Bandhas and Mudras to increase the voltage and radiance within this vessel, the body. A steady and calm mind is an absolute necessity on the Solar path. Always take the Moon with you.

Methodology: To enliven and sensitize

Bhav: The mood we bring to Practice

These classes are ideal if: