Come Join Us At Mt Jukes Eco Retreat.

As a farm volunteer at Mt Jukes Eco Retreat, you can immerse yourself in the world of permaculture and explore the stunning Mackay/Whitsunday area.

Our Wwoofer farm volunteer program offers a unique experience that combines hands-on work on our farm, gardening, house cleaning, kitchen work, and general maintenance in exchange for quality food and comfortable amenities and opportunities for learning and exploration in a beautiful space.

Farm volunteers typically work 4.5 hours per day over 6 days each week. This schedule allows for a balance between productive work and enjoying your time.

In exchange for your dedicated work, you will enjoy a range of benefits. All your food will be provided, ensuring that you have delicious and nutritious food throughout your stay. 

You may also have the option of single or shared accommodation, both of which offer comfortable beds, great amenities and a peaceful environment for a good night's sleep. Single accommodation will depend on how long you stay, normally minimum of three months or on availability.

While at Mt Jukes Eco Retreat, you have a wonderful opportunity to expand your knowledge and appreciation for sustainable and locally sourced food. You are welcome to join any yoga/meditation classes and sound healings if they fall outside your work time and space is available.

You can explore the beautiful Mackay/Whitsunday area when you have some free time. This magnificent region, known for its stunning landscapes and natural wonders, provides a perfect backdrop for relaxation and exploration. You can visit nearby beaches, enjoy hiking trails, or indulge in various water sports activities.

By joining our farm volunteer program, you will contribute to the retreat's daily operations and have a chance to learn, grow, and connect with nature.

You will also be contributing to helping grow food for the homeless and women's shelters.

If you would like to join us, please complete the form, and we will be in touch within 48-72hours.

Code Of Conduct

Mt Jukes Eco Retreat is a beautiful space to, connect to yourself. As a guest of our community, please respect and maintain a healthy and clean body and mind.

Vegetarianism–no meat, fish

Most Eastern philosophies have a common principle: “ahimsa”, or non-violence towards all living entities. This is why you won’t find any meat here and why we also avoid animal products like gelatine, animal fats, etc. However from time to time we do eat eggs from the
chickens on our farm.

No drugs, alcohol and cigarettes–your body is the temple of your soul

Our philosophy places emphasis on health and wellness, as these are conducive to opening up your body, mind and soul for spiritual practice and conscious living. Thus, intoxicants (drugs, alcohol, nicotine etc.) are not acceptable on our farm, neither in public nor in private. This rule is strictly enforced–in this regard we follow a zero-tolerance policy. Please make sure to completely abstain from intoxication on and off the property during your stay.

Cleanliness and serenity– a clean environment and body support a healthy mind

Our community values cleanliness and the resulting positive energy very highly. Therefore, we show each other respect by maintaining cleanliness at all times, in personal hygiene as well as our rooms, verandahs, yoga hall and the other common areas. On the same note, please be mindful about noise levels: Feel free to listen to your music, please use headphones. You will need to bring organic tooth paste, all other body washes will be supplied.

Between 8:30pm and 8:00am we remain silent in our rooms and kitchen. You are welcome to take your conversations to common areas down by the spring.

Please help us maintain a clean, peaceful and uplifting atmosphere


Depending on what volunteers are staying with us. You maybe given food from the farm to cook for yourself and you will have some meals with the hosts and others. 

The Temple-Our Sacred Space

Please take off your shoes to enter into any building. Including your room. 

Classes, service and other activities–you are welcome!

When you are not working and a class or workshop is on, you are welcome to join the class if it is not a private group or the class is not full. Be on time and dress accordingly.

We respect your views and are happy to share ours! Please note: We start our work day at 7.30 am sharp in summer and 830am in winter. Weather pending; if this changes, you will be notified. Silent time at night begins at 8:30 pm

Testimonials from our Volunteers

I had a fantastic two weeks with Dave, Aune and Roko. The property is stunning, and you can’t help but feel calm and content being there. The work was varied and fun and included gardening and easy building work to make way for future glamping tents. The
accommodation was beautiful and so comfortable and the food made by Aune was incredible! Dave and Aune are such kind-hearted and welcoming people and I learnt a lot
from them both about Ayurveda, sustainability and food. I wish you both all the best with the projects underway, and I will be sure to visit for a yoga retreat sometime in the future!

Jasmine Kille

Definitely one of my best woofing experiences so far. The place is just beautiful and peaceful surrounded by Mt Jukes and only 15 min away from Cap Hillsborough (a nice place for the sunrise). We mainly did some building jobs as building stairs and fences, but David has got a nice permaculture garden and lots of trees. Moreover, I was initiated into yoga, and it's definitely the best place to go (David is a yoga teacher and has practised it for many years). You will learn more than just the practice but also the philosophy behind the practice, which is very interesting and inspiring. I had such a good time there and really good conversations about pretty much everything. David is inspiring, lovely, easygoing going and reliable. I'm grateful to have met you and to have spent time with you. I recommend it. A huge thanks, see you soon.

David Rigal

I spent two wonderful weeks with David, Aune and Roko! Their property is big, beautiful and peaceful. It was a pleasure to work there, and it was always interesting and fun. We shared good time working, cooking, chilling and exploring the surroundings. Aune is an amazing cook. You will always have fresh, delicious meals. I was happy to learn more about Ayurveda which is really interesting and meaningful. I am very grateful I met these two amazing people and I highly recommend you to go to Mt Jukes in order to help them to build this beautiful retreat project. Thank you very much for your kindness Take care.

Perrine Arnould

Had an amazing time at the Eco retreat. I had such a great time I extended my stay. David was an excellent host and teacher while Roko ( puppy) was the best companion. Plenty of
great and eye-opening conversations. The food was fantastic, and I have definitely left the experience with more knowledge than I had ever expected. There are definitely amazing things happening here. If you have the chance to be a part of it, I would highly recommend it. The city of Mackay and other tourist spots are all within a 30-minute drive from the farm's location. Makes for the perfect place to be able to check out the town while also learning so much.

Allyce Hurren

It’s definitely one of the best wwoofing place I have ever stayed. Dave and Aune are very friendly and knowledgeable, and also willing to share their experience and Ayurvedic wisdom with me. It’s really a life-changing experience. Aune is an amazing chef, I really appreciate all the delicious food and desserts you have made. Thank you guys so much. Also thank you Roko, thank you for your company.

Chris Wei

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