Sound Healing In Nature

It’s hard to imagine a more ideal setting than the yoga Shala at Mt Jukes Eco Retreat for winding down and connecting with nature while listening to the tranquil sounds of the mediative Tibetion bowls
The setting will be in our spacious hardwood building which has a soaring vaulted ceiling and all sides are open showcasing bird life and nature. Relaxation and Inspirations is guaranteed as you lie in true awareness and fall into the calming sounds of the ancient Tibetan bowls with a back up soundtrack of wind in the trees and the melodic trill of an estimated 40 species of native birds.

singing bowls

How Does Singing Bowls Work?

What exactly do singing bowls do and how do they do it? The science behind singing bowls is actually quite simple! In fact, this ancient instrument can best be compared to playing wine glasses filled with water.

Singing bowls “sing” by creating vibrations. They are played with mallets or strikers. When a mallet or striker makes contact with the side of the singing bowl, friction occurs and vibrations are created. These vibrations are heard through beautiful sounds that are felt within our bodies and energy fields. Changing the speed and pressure of the mallet or striker can then change the sounds that are created. Sticking to the same pressure and speed leads to resonance, which is the note that we can hear even after the player moves the mallet away from the singing bowl.

singing bowls

What Are Benefits Of Singing Bowl?

There are numerous benefits to playing a singing bowl. Singing bowls have the power to heal sickness, improve overall well-being, or target specific issues one might be experiencing. Here’s a general list of benefits that can be realized through playing a singing bowl.

Chakra Cleansing 
Promote Relaxation 
Soothe Illnesses & Pain
Aid In Reducing The Pain Caused By Cancer Treatment  
Reduce Stress & Anxiety
Improve Blood Pressure & Flow
Tool For Anger Management 
Create Peace
Improve The Immune System
Boost Overall Well-Being & Contentment
Remove Negative Energy From Your Home
Enhance Sleep
Cleanse & Charge Crystals
Heighten Clarity Of mind & Intuition


History Of Singing Bowls

Most original singing bowls come from Buddhist areas such as Tibet, Nepal, and India.

Much of the history of singing bowls remains unknown or unclear due to the Chinese invasion of Tibet in the 1950s. However, oral traditions date singing bowls to the time of the historical Buddha Shayamuni (560 – 480 BCE). Some singing bowls during this time were used for strictly religious purposes within monasteries and temples, such as leading chants or prayers, guiding meditation, or acting as an offering or begging bowl.

Other times, larger bowls were used for grain storage and smaller bowls used to eat from. As the use of singing bowls spread throughout Asia to places like Japan, Korea, China, and Mongolia, their uses expanded as well. For example, Japanese and Vietnamese Buddhists have traditionally used singing bowls to perform funeral rites and to worship their ancestors.

singing bowls

Singing Bowls Today

For hundreds of years, however, what has remained constant is the calming, meditative state singing bowls can create. Singing bowls are useful to Buddhist practitioners and anyone else who is wanting to experience a greater amount of peace and intuition in their daily lives through meditation. Today, singing bowls are found far outside the temples and monasteries of the Himalayan mountains. They are used as tools for meditation or alternative treatment for various illnesses like chronic pain or depression, just to name a few!

Frequently, singing bowls are associated with sound therapy and sound baths or massages. For human beings, sound is a vehicle which can help us arrive to a healthier state of being, both physically and mentally. It also allows us to explore and express the feelings we keep inside of us. For this reason, singing bowls are becoming increasingly popular to treat anxiety disorders, depression, and even post-traumatic stress disorder. The vibrations work throughout our bodies

massaging, cleansing, and purifying, while the calm meditative state allows individuals to search within and find what ails them.  When researching the benefits of using a singing bowl, you are likely to find it linked with cancer treatment. While the use of singing bowls is not a scientifically-backed treatment for diseases such as cancer, they have been noted to greatly improve the symptoms of the illness and treatment for cancer patients who have used Tibetan singing bowls as a part of their healing process. In a case such as this, singing bowls are not intended to heal the body of the cancerous cells but rather provide relief and balance to other parts of the mind and body. Using a singing bowl in this way is similar to drinking fluids and resting when sick—it does not cure you of your sickness, but it alleviates the symptoms and helps your recovery along the way.

All processes from this class are donated back for further project to grow food for the homes and other shelters.
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02:30 PM
Duration 75 Mins
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