Supreme Lodge

The Supreme Lodge is a luxurious accommodation option made with high-quality earthy materials.
The lodge offers a rustic and charming atmosphere. Inside, guests will find a spacious and comfortable plush queen-sized bed, perfect for a good night's sleep. The lodge is equipped with a well-appointed kitchen. For added convenience.

To ensure maximum comfort, the lodge is equipped with a fan and air conditioning, creating a pleasant indoor environment regardless of the weather outside. The large veranda provides a beautiful outdoor space with a seating area, out door bath allowing guests to relax and enjoy the serene Mt Jukes. The Supreme Lodge is attached to
the deluxe cabins with under-cover walkway, which are part of the total design in the shape of a half-moon, which symbolises fertility, intuitiveness and empowerment.

One of the standout features of the Supreme Lodge is the Selenite crystals built into its wall.
These stunning crystals serve as a unique and eye-catching design element, creating a
magical ambience and promoting peace, calm, mental clarity and well-being.

For the ultimate relaxation experience, the lodge includes a private outdoor bath and shower, allowing guests to unwind and soak in the tranquil atmosphere with an uninterrupted view of the majestic Mt Jukes, providing an unforgettable experience.

With a size of 60 square meters, the Supreme Lodge offers ample space for guests to enjoy
their stay comfortably.

Located just 100 meters from the main area, guests have easy access to all the facilities and

King, Queen and King Single

Welcome to our deluxe cabins. A true marvel designed in the shape of a half-moon, which
symbolises fertility, intuitiveness and empowerment. This exceptional sanctuary has five private rooms named after the five elements, ensuring a harmonious and enlightening stay.

Immerse yourself in the captivating
ambience of each room, adorned with a hand-painted Mandala symbolising the elements it represents. These intricate designs add a touch of artistry and tranquillity to your surroundings, invoking a sense of peacefulness. As you walk
out your door, you have a view of the Majestic Mount Jukes. 

Indulge in the serene atmosphere of our retreat
cabins, which boast cypress pine construction, offering a sense of warmth and natural beauty that enhances your overall experience. All rooms have ensuites, cosy beds, fans, and air conditioning to keep you comfortable, ensuring the perfect temperature throughout your stay.
Each room is 20 square metres. The cabins are 100 meters from the main area

King, Queen and King Single

Escape to a world of luxury and tranquillity as you indulge in our glamping tents. Immerse yourself in nature without sacrificing comfort or convenience, as our glamping tents provide a haven of relaxation.

Each spacious 25 sq metre tent offers a private ensuite, ensuring comfort and privacy. While you leisurely shower, you can take in the view of the powerful Mt Jukes in privacy while feeling you are outdoors. You have the option of single, twin, or triple share. Pamper yourself in the cast iron baths, a luxurious touch that allows you to unwind and soak away the stresses of everyday life as you gaze at the Majestic Mt Jukes.

Surrounded by the beauty

Surrounded by the beauty of the natural environment, our glamping tents provide the perfect blend of outdoor living and premium accommodation. Experience the serenity of waking up to the sounds of nature while enjoying the tents' modern amenities and plush comforts.
Each tent has a King or Queen bed and a King Single bed. Fans and AC.

ThankYou Organic Body Wash products used

We only use ThankYou organic products. Why? Firstly, they are amazing! As we are fully off-grid, we can only use organic products.

We have our own septic system which filters back out to the property. So, everything that goes to our land has to be organic.

We hope that during your stay with us, you may also discover the benefits and choose to
incorporate organic products into your lifestyle.
ThankYou aims to help close the funding gap to end extreme poverty by 2030. They aim to
redress the power imbalance between donors and doers by generating and redistributing
wealth, using social enterprise philanthropy and unrestricted funding to amplify change-makers exponentially.

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