Giving Back To Our Community

All profits from our yoga classes and workshop are donated back to create food for the homeless and other shelters. We grow all the food on the property. We provide yoga and workshops to the public to give them the tools to live this life in Full Force, which is how we are meant to live life. The money provided from these classes is given back to projects to help the not so fortunate. Our goal is to create a community of individuals who come together for a bigger purpose, when we serve we are living from a different place, from Anahata/ Heart. Our community at Mt Jukes Eco Retreat has a goal to provide food and shelter for the homeless and other shelters, everyone should have food and shelter. Our goal is bring everyone together to create oneness; we are all in this together. We all support each other for a bigger purpose. Mt Jukes Eco Retreat Foundation, is a registered charity.. .