Yoga Designed Just For You

One on one yoga sessions are the perfect way to tailor your practice to your needs. They are great for beginners who want to gain a little confidence before joining a group class or anyone managing an injury or health condition.

Working with Dave Deakin gives your personal access to one of Mackay most experienced yoga teachers. Dave specializes in adaptive yoga, seeking to find ways of making the practices of yoga accessible to those who need a tailored approach. In these sessions you will learn modifications, use props, targeted pose choices to suit your needs, and guided breathing and meditation strategies.


Dave will help you to learn the basics of yoga alignment and assess what style of yoga will suit you best in a group class environment. Start out strong with a clear sense of how to place yourself on the mat, and build your practice at your own pace.


Yoga therapy addresses a broad range of injuries and health conditions. Using universal principles of alignment you will be guided to work in a way that meets your body's needs and enhances your natural capacity for wellbeing and healing.

Advancing Your Practice

Want to turn your world upside down, if you are wanting to advance your spiritual practice than Dave can help you take your practice to the next level.


About The Teacher

Dave has been practicing yoga since 2012. He started while living in NZ. Since then he has traveled and lived in Asia, Bali and Thailand for up to 6 months at a time practicing in the Mountains where he got his inspiration to build Mt Jukes Eco Retreat.

He has also traveled to India, and practiced with many World Class teachers like Shiva Rae, Octavia Salvador, Anna Forest and many other great teachers that I thank for their guidance. Dave did his teacher training in Bali, Tantra Hatha, a traditional yoga that is over 2500 years old and the practice is un-changed. Why did I pick this style of yoga? I have tried most styles of yoga, most are Asana/pose based practices, which is what most yoga is in the West, based on flexibility. Tanta goes further than Asana, it works through the layers to bring us to absolute stillness, Meditation, which is what yoga is, ones comes we can sit in stillness, mediation, not mindfulness the new hit word for the west, we need to be mindful to reach meditation, this is when the real magic starts., stillness. Yoga is like anything, it’s a practice, you don’t run a marathon on your first, second or 20th run. It takes time patience and belief of the benefits. Than we practice on…


Our Qualification