Day Retreat: Full Or Half

Are you short on time and cannot join us for the whole weekend. Join us for your special full or half day retreat. You will be surrounded by the tranquillity of nature, and rediscover your inner essence. This is a chance to escape the demands of everyday life and immerse yourself in a restorative experience, sharing the journey with like-minded individuals who seek wellness and self-care.

Give yourself the gift of rejuvenation, serenity, and transformation.

Unwind, recharge, and reconnect with your inner self in a nurturing space that allows you to experience harmony and balance in both your physical and mental realms. Start your journey with a grounding linage based yoga session led by Dave, who will guide you through a series of gentle asana/poses and mindful movements. Build strength, breath, and balance while cultivating a deep sense of inner peace and harmony. Dave will tailor the classes to accommodate all skill levels, ensuring everyone experiences the benefits of this ancient practice. An able-moving body is required.

Now its your time to have a cleansing and invigorating infrared sauna followed by a swim in our natural spring flowing through 32 million old volcanic rocks. 

Through the day retreat, indulge in a wholesome, nutritious and delicious Ayurveda meal crafted by our Food Artist, Aune, Farm to Plate, made with love. Supported by the nourishing food, your body will be replenished, leaving you feeling energised and revitalised. During breaks, take a stroll through our food forest with 350-plus permaculture-designed fruit trees with over 50 varieties. Enjoy the enchanting natural surroundings, connect with the beauty of the environment, and find clarity in your mind. Or hangout in one of our hammocks by the creek and do nothing.

Go beyond space and time. Finish your day with the powerful healing vibrations of sound therapy in our all-timber purpose-built sound shell. Allow yourself to be enveloped in the soothing sounds of ancient instruments, like singing bowls and gongs, expertly played. Experience a deep state of relaxation as the sound waves wash away stress and tension, leaving you feeling centred, rejuvenated, and aligned. Then join us for a cleansing herbal tea and home made sweets before making your way home. 

Full Day Program is from 8.30am to 4.15pm all inclusive $149

  Morning Half Day Program $89

8.30 am

Arrival,  Start with a herbal tea fresh from our garden

9.00 am - 10.30 am

Linage based yoga/meditation. 

10.35 am - 11.35 am

Wellness Workshop, theme depending on current retreat program. 

11.45 am – 12.45 pm

Infrared sauna, swim in our  volcanic rock spring. You will also have down time to relax and enjoy the property.

 A variety Of Herbal tea fresh from our organic garden and fruit is available all day.  

1:00 pm

Farm to Plate. Vegetarian lunch, the meals are Ayurvedic, specifically designed to be nutritionally, balanced, cleaning and nourishing, but most of all delicious.  Aune home made Chai is also included. 

2:00 pm

 We Have To Say Good Bye For Now🥲

Afternoon Half Day Program $79

12.45 pm

Arrival,  Start with a cup of Aune's home made chai

1.00 pm

Farm to Plate. Vegetarian lunch, the meals are Ayurvedic, specifically designed to be nutritionally, balanced, cleaning and nourishing, but most of all delicious 

A variety Of Herbal tea from our organic garden is available all day. Bring your swimmers and towel and have a dip in our natural spring, is always a treat.

2.15 pm – 3.30 pm

Sound Healing, Its time To Go Beyond Time And Space. 

3.30 pm

Herbal tea and Home Made delightful Sweets

4.15 pm

We Have To Say Good Bye For Now🥲


Reeli Lonks
Reeli Lonks
Mt Jukes Eco Village is one truly amazing, beautiful and peaceful place in the middle of stunning nature full of wonderful wildlife, tropical fruits, good weather, kind and hard working people, super tasty food (!) and really nice comfortable tiny houses next to a big majestic Jukes mountain. We instantly felt good there, in very high energy and easygoing relaxing vibes. I would happily go back any time to relax, meditate, be humble with others and my authentic self and just enjoy the beauty of nature. Thank you for creating that space, showing your kindness and hosting us so well! One of the best experiences and definitely a place to visit in colourful Queensland! Visited in August ‘23, still thinking about it and the good memories!:)
Brad Baker
Brad Baker
Thank you Mount Jukes Eco Retreat for an outstanding visit! This break away to reconnect was just what I needed! Friendly and welcoming hosts, beautiful accomodation that takes in the awesome natural surroundings, delicious and deeply nourishing meals. Dave gently guided us through a form of traditional yoga practice that is very rare today, and a sound healing session gave me some profound insights. Walking through the many different fruit trees, I discovered some fruits that I had not seen or tasted before. The sauna session followed by a refreshing swim in the creek was a winner too. Thank you so much Dave and Aune! I will be back again!
Carla and Bruce Shute
Carla and Bruce Shute
An escape from the trappings of life as we know it and return to life as it should be. Mt Jukes Eco Retreat is an immersion into peace and tranquility. This place will quiet your mind while you invigorate your soul and awaken your spirit. How? By allowing you to slow your pace, take each step and breath with mindfulness and gratitude while you take in your surroundings and explore the offerings with likeminded individuals. Dave and Aune have created a space that is perfect for us to let go of the daily grind and focus on nourishing our mind, body and soul. This retreat offers guests Yoga, swimming in fresh natural spring waters, infared sauna, walks amongst the gardens, Ayurvedic meals with the taste of sun kissed fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices grown on the grounds, sound healing and informative teachings on topics specific to Mt Jukes Eco Retreat plus so many other beautiful surprises. I won’t give away all their secrets! This is a place that we all deserve to enjoy and be a part of. Thank you Dave and Aune for sharing your paradise with me. I look forward to another visit soon.
Jasmine Lee
Jasmine Lee
It was an amazing experience on a full day retreat - sauna, yoga/meditation, sound healing and Ayurveda lunch! The Ayurveda meals was delicious! Aune is such a great cook! I would definitely recommend anyone to go at least for a session and see for themselves. It is only around 40 mins drive from Mackay. Thank you Dave & Aune!
Nic kleindeinst
Nic kleindeinst
The retreat is absolutely devine . I have had a very traumatic past and the retreat has helped me a lot for my mental health . I did not want to leave ! Thank you again
Jessica Laslett
Jessica Laslett
Great get away spot to recharge and switch off
verner mägi
verner mägi
The energy of that place is magical. Calms your mind and clears your head.
Jo-Anne Beckingsale
Jo-Anne Beckingsale
What a little piece of Paradise. So private, quiet and peaceful. The bath was perfect, the bed comfortable and a fabulous coffee machine. See you again ❤️
Rebecca Anderson
Rebecca Anderson
We had a wonderful, peaceful stay. The accommodation was very comfortable, well presented and clean. David and Aune are great hosts and we loved the home-grown fresh herbs and fruit they left out for us. Would definitely recommend staying here!
Yvette Vezzoli
Yvette Vezzoli
Mt Jukes Eco Resort was wonderful 🤗🤩 I have only good things to say!! The cottage smells beautiful of the carved wood. The outdoor bath with view of the mountain is very relaxing. Our hosts very friendly and gifting fresh herbs. Everything you need in the kitchen to cook a 5-star meal. The air is fresh, the water is clean. Disconnect from busy life and remember what is important at Mt Jukes 🙏 ❤️ 🌱

About Your Teacher

Dave Deakin has been practising yoga since 2012. He has travelled to India, Bali and Thailand and practised with many world-class teachers. Dave did his teacher training in Bali, where he studied Tantra/Hatha, a lineage-based yoga over 2500 years old, not altered for the audience in the modern world.

"Meditation is one of the main goals of yoga. The best gauge of your yoga practice is how well your life is going. Are you happy, vibrant, and in good health, mentally, physically and emotionally? This is the science of yoga. Be the best version of yourself to live with infinite possibilities. Yoga is built for optimum well-being, not flexibility."

Dave is also trained in traditional Tibetan Singing Bowls, Ayurveda/ The Science of Life and NLP.

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