About YogaHouse

The house has been built to give you an experience of true nature at its best. No power lines, fully off the grid, Your own swimming hole, 5 important benefits of swimming in natural water. HERE LINK TO 5 Important Benefits to Swim In Natural Water.

Mt Jukes Eco Retreat location provides the perfect backdrop, a comfortable climate together with the ambiance of the wilderness setting. You have your very own private viewing platform which overlooks the natural spring and up the mountain range. U have a private swimming hole while staying in a beautifully built timber carbon neutral home, 6 star rated.

The house is built to come as one with nature, 80% of the house is built out of Cypress Pine which makes the house carbon neutral, it also has Crystals built into the wall to keep the house Purifyied. The crystals Harmonize, balance our hormones, purify, bring clarity of thought, enhance fertility and Nurture the body.

You can read much more here, Link About Selenite Crystals: https://www.gemexi.com/gemstones/selenite

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