Ayurveda Cuisine

Indulge in the flavours of locally grown and sourced ingredients and innovative Ayurveda-inspired dishes prepared by Aune, our talented food artist at Mt Jukes.

Immerse yourself in a culinary experience that nourishes the body and soul as Aune's passion for food shines through every bite.

Aune's expertise in Ayurvedic cooking ensures that each dish is thoughtfully crafted and made with love to promote balance and well-being.

The food in Chai House comes from our organically grown farm or sourced locally depending on the seasons, ensuring the highest quality and freshness. From vibrant seasonal vegetables and herbs, each element harmoniously combines to create a symphony of taste and texture on your plate.

At Mt Jukes, we believe that good food is not just about satisfying hunger, it's about fostering a connection to nature, embracing cultural heritage, and nourishing the body from within.

Let Aune guide you on a culinary journey where every dish tells a story and enlivens your senses.

Introducing-Your Food Artist

Aune carries a rich culinary heritage that shines through in every dish she creates. Her unique approach to cooking Ayurveda food, makes her a true food artist.

Her ingredients are handpicked, ensuring every meal's freshest and highest quality produce. At Mt Jukes Eco Retreat, Aune's creations are a feast for the senses, reflecting her creativity, knowledge, and love for soulful food. Whether indulging in a hearty farm-to-table breakfast, savouring a delectable lunch with locally sourced ingredients, or experiencing a hearty grounding dinner.

Aune's menu is based on Ayurveda foods, and you will leave with a fulfilled and grounded experience. With a passion for sustainability, Aune emphasises environmentally friendly practices in her cooking, promoting organic and seasonal ingredients whenever possible.

Every bite resonates with her respect for nature and the land that provides for us. Aune is also involved with the growing of our organic food. Book your stay now and experience the grounding, fresh, nourishing food that Mt Jukes Eco Retreat offers.

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