Mt Jukes Eco Retreat is located 30 minutes from Mackay. The property has over 350 + fruit trees, 50 different varieties, we grow all our own vegetables and run fully off the grid with solar and batteries. We have over 220,000 litres of water stored on the property, the property is fully self-sufficient. All our profits from yoga classes and workshops go to helping the homeless and women’s shelters. Mt Jukes Eco Retreat is a place people will come to wind down, move their bodies, learn about nourishing organic foods and experience an authentic and supportive space that encourages a positive state of mind. We have a vision to bring people here to share our passion for traditional yoga, sound healing, healthy organic nourishing foods, and bring a community of people together to help give back to people in need.

Here at Mt Jukes Eco Retreat we are running yoga classes and workshops that will go towards The Food Project to grow supply excess food on the property for the homeless and women’s shelters. We are creating a movement of awareness through yoga, putting our hands in the dirt to be grounded and grow food for the less fortunate. The Food Projects mission is to have a community of volunteers who work together to build a sustainable food source for homeless and women’s shelters.

At Mt Jukes Eco Retreat, we are cultivating a space that brings people back to nature and themselves, disconnecting from the digital world. We have a holistic, living-in-harmony-with-nature worldview that we would like to educate, share, and give back.

Anyone can join our classes, as long as you have an able body that can move freely!