About The Founder

Dave's Story

Dave has been practicing yoga since 2012. He started while living in NZ. He has travelled to India, Bali and Thailand and practised with many World Class teachers like Shiva Rae, Octavia Salvador, Anna Forest, Karina Guthrie and many other great teachers that he thanks for their guidance. Dave did his teacher training in Bali, where he studied Tantra/Hatha, a traditional yoga over 2500 years old. Tantra/Hatha is a practice that is un-changed. Why did he pick this style of yoga? Dave tried most styles of yoga, most being Asana/pose based practices, which is what most yoga is in the West, based on flexibility. Dave says Tantra goes further than Asana/poses; it works through the layers to bring us to stillness. Meditation is the goal of yoga.The best gage of your yoga practice is, how well is your life going. Are you happy, vibrant, in good health, mentally, physically and emotionally. This is what yoga is designed to do. Be the best version of you, to life with infinite possibilities. Yoga is a science, not an exercise, it is built for overall wellbeing. Dave is also trained in traditional Tibetan Singing Bowls, and Ayurveda/ The Science Of Life.

"It's not what we do on the mat, it's what we do off the mat. Yoga gives us the tools to live life an infinite life, its not about form its about function, flexibility comes when the mind becomes flexible."

Daves journey of how he arrived at building Mt Jukes Eco Retreat...

He left school at the age of 14 and could not read or write. I never liked school and just wanted to work and make money. Dave went on to start up 7 businesses in 7 different industries all successful and many still operating today. The retreat centre is the eight. We just need to believe that we can do anything, we are Infinite Possibilities. Get up at 5.00 am or earlier every morning with a purpose, plan your day and get on with it.

Dave journey started when his brother was killed in a car accident. That morning he was coming to my place for lunch, Good Friday, I was sick like I have never been sick before, I experienced something much deeper that morning. A couple of years before this my brother and myself were at the same café, not together, we discovered that we had the same watches bought in two different cities when he was classed as clinically dead, my watch stopped at that time and is still at that time today, life-changing moment and changed the direction of my life forever. This was the start of my real-life journey, and the spiritual path had started. I had woken up that their was something much much bigger then me and my ego.

Dave went from a control freak to allowing and letting go. He was making a 7 figure net income year after year in debt for as much as $10,000,000 at a time. He started to realise many things, his health was not good, drinking and eating the wrong food, stressed all the time, and he was starting to dislike who he was, the way he was living was forming who he was, and he didn't want to be that person. I started yoga because I wanted to reform myself into a person I liked. He spent a lot of time in Asia on his own, in the mountains in Bali and Thailand, up to 6 months at a time. This is where he did most of my yoga training. It was life-changing on many fronts. When he started to let go mentally, his body became pain-free, a place he had not been before Free mind, free body.

He has broken most bones on the left side of his body, knee operation where they had to break my leg to alien my hip to ankle, a broken hip, broken arm twice, shoulder reconstruction and a few ribs. He did everything till he broke, all from different events. Today, he has no pain in his body, and he can move like he is 25, dance all night, wake up the next day, and do it all again. When you bring your mind and body together, it does incredible things. He thanks the right style of yoga for this path, free mind, free body.

Yoga is not about the mat; it's about what we do off the mat. He has learned that adversity is where life begins; it doesn't matter if it is losing all your money, losing a family member or your marriage, have done it all. If you are prepared to go to the bottom of the sea, you will resurface with life being bigger than ever. Most of us will only swim halfway down; you need to go to the bottom. That's where you learn the lessons. If you don't learn the lesson, it will happen again. The other thing we experience is we must own all aspects of life. Only we go to work to make money. We are responsible for our health, what we eat and what we think is our destiny. When we take full ownership of all our actions, we start to live. Dave lives fully off the grid, grow his food. He lives like this as a choice, not because he has to, he didn't lose his money, he wanted to live this way because when you leave the material World of buying bigger houses, bigger cars, fancier holidays and restaurants you start to live, you don't spend your life working for things that don't serve you, your health is no 1. You can't take your money with you. Why are you doing it, to die early? For what? Ask Steve Jobs, the richest man in the world dies at 56; money doesn't buy everything? Yes, we need it, but how much and what do we spend it on? I feel fortunate that I have lived the material life, I don't need to wonder what it was like; it fuelled my Ego, but not my Soul. You don't live if you don't serve your Soul. I was given the ability to make money to buy and develop this property (Mt Jukes Eco Retreat) to share and help people. That is my Dharma/Life purpose.

If you want to do the EXTRAORDINARY, you have to get out of the ORDINARY. Life is all about moments; one minute, we are in joy; next, we have bad news. Today it is Sunny, and tomorrow it is raining. life is always Sun and Moon.

Breath and keep moving, it always gets better.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti